Zenhedron Art Stones 1.0

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The original desk art set as seen on Kickstarter, comprised of:
Art stone set (4 pieces)
3D hardwood stand (square)
Silicon pad
Manual booklet


We want to bring the essence and state of mind to our daily design works and we started the Zenhedron Art Stones project.

Hundreds of prototypes were studied to try to get the most artist form, playable combination, and mesmerizing actions to the stones, and we came up with 4 most distinctive members for the Rocky Band:

1) The Poising Navette/ Pinnacle – The long span of Rhombus gives a distinctive standing posture and also a nodding/ rotating cap to your desktop sculptural creation

2) The Mindful Heart – A 13-face geometry with skewed internal imbalanced that also gives a warmful touch to your hand

3) The Spinning Trillian – A triangular disc form gives a hidden balance point that allows it to stand on one single point and to spin on a smooth surface

4) The Shaking Arc – Bridge-like structure with an asymmetrical balancing point. It starts to swing continuously under it, slowly swinging back to its balance point

3 reviews for Zenhedron Art Stones 1.0

  1. Ágoston P (verified owner)

    I just received mine, and I’m really happy how it came out. I love both of the versions, thatnk you very much! It’s really a great product! ^^

  2. JimBobMcQ (verified owner)


    From design to delivery you have clearly put much energy into these stones.

    Thank you.

  3. Reem K (verified owner)

    Got today the parcel. Didn’t played yet, but it looks beautiful! Stones are heavy, as it should be. And what a surprise, got also the second version as a gift! Thank you very much

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